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We are governed by the philosophy of excellence.

Advent Developers is part of a dynamic group of companies with interests in real estate, steel and power. Our estate journey has been interesting and we’ve made an adventurous mark on the Mumbai Metropolitan regions by consistently delivering projects for more than two decades. With more than 8 mega projects underway our focus solely remains on developing world class residential and commercial properties all over the country.

The fact that this big marvelous city of Mumbai has various Advent properties and engineering marvels on its back makes us feel proud. Quality is tenet that has been ingrained in all our processes; from building to providing our stakeholders with the best homes we put immense thought and dedication into achieving optimum results.

Innovation has helped us give the highest possible standards of service to clients. There is a thorough focus on the customer and abundant spaces created for their comfort, utility and joy. Our projects tend to invariably become the most desired address in the area, often reselling for a huge premium.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create exquisitely designed, functionally comfortable, technical quality homes and commercial spaces that enhance everyday life at value for money prices for as many people as possible.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create new spaces on which we cater to build attractive, well-designed homes that people want to live in.

Our Values

Essentially, Advent humbly enjoys the highest credibility in the market owing to the sense of security it has been providing to customers with its 20 years of work that excels in its remarkable ethos.

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Quality control is simply the process by which you make sure every product you turn out is the same as the last in terms of construction, reliability, resilience and appearance. To have a quality product you must start with design, the components that go into the product, and the workmanship when building it. Advent stands tall on the tenet of Quality assurance and can proudly say all of its properties adhere to strict quality standards.

At Advent, our Quality Control process dictates that every project has a unique quality control plan based on internal guidelines, construction methodology and owner requirements. Every project will have guidelines which are adhered to by the field management staff. The onsite quality control personnel have a dual responsibility to ensure that the project specifications are adhered to as well as to monitor the trade crafts for proper installation and application of materials. As we believe that quality is what makes us different from our competitors. All our processes from scratch to finish are created on the tenets of sincerity and goodwill.

Advent Developers is here to set new a standard across all market segments and fulfil its vision of creating homes that are in tandem with the latest lifestyle trends. We strive to design residences that are futuristic both in terms of aesthetics and functionality. The quality of the local environment too is a key element in what makes somewhere a good place to live. Whether a place looks clean, tidy and pleasant can affect property prices, economic investment and health. Thus most of our projects focus on providing the best space in the best zone for you.



  • Advent Developers believes in restoring and beautifying our cityscape with the effective solution of Redevelopment. The goal of redevelopment is to rebuild and improve neighbourhoods that already exist, rather than build new ones further away from the urban core.
  • We wish to take responsibility and breathe new life into areas plagued by social, physical, environmental, or economic conditions that act as a barrier to new investment by private enterprise.
  • We at Advent Developers provide state of the art infrastructure to our buyers and firmly believe that Redevelopment is an economical as well as a long term solution for societies in Mumbai (India).
  • Come rebuild structures that are beyond repair and have rundown due to age, weather, regular wear and tear which may not be able to withstand any more life, with exquisite residential societies and commercial centres.
  • We ensure the use of premium quality material for Redevelopment and guarantee, the societies of neither maintenance nor any major repairs for a minimum of 60-70 years, thus transforming the city of Mumbai into a city of global standards.

Redevelopment Process

  • All members of the Society should favour Redevelopment
  • Expression of Interest (EOI) for Redevelopment by the Society to Advent Developers
  • We will provide the stakeholders with a Feasibility Study & Proposal Offer from Advent Developers
  • The Society should provide a Letter of Intent to Advent Developers
  • Finalization of Development Agreement by Society & Advent Developers
  • Execution of Development Agreement with the agreement of all society members
  • With mutual consent of the society we will finalize the alternate accommodation
  • The members of the society will be asked to evacuate the premises; the compensation against the same to members for the period of construction will be paid
  • The demolition of the existing structure would be initiated
  • We would then obtain the commencement certificate from the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM)
  • The construction of new flats for members will begin.
  • After completion of the entire project an Occupation Certificate will be obtained
  • The members would be asked to shift into their new and spacious residence
  • The new member will be issued a New Share Certificate by the society
  • The premise will be handed over to the Society

Why Advent Developers to be approached for Redevelopment?

Redevelopment involves legal work prior to commencement of construction; most of the societies have legal complications like no conveyance, lack of papers and lack of names name on the property card.An experienced property developer with resources, team experience and dedication is the need of the hour and who better than us to help you out? Advent Developers has an edge and expertise above the other developers.

Architectural Amenities

  • Reinforced concrete with corrosion resistant steel structure
  • Earthquake resistant structure for long life and durability
  • Productive Planning of more usable areas in New Flats
  • Totally modern and good elevation
  • Contemporary and modern amenities
  • Separate Society office
  • High end secu0rity Systems

Advantages of Redevelopment

The main advantage of Redevelopment is that it assures a minimum of 40% – 50% appreciation in the value of the flats being newly constructed and a minimum 60 years increase in the life of the structure. Redevelopment of any structure gives you larger and more spacious carpet areas than the previous ones. Each flat owner will be given a Corpus Fund that can be used for furniture or any maintenance as per the owner’s will. Rent, brokerage and transport facilities are provided to all members of the society for the period of redevelopment.


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  • Rudraksh

  • Ram-Tower

  • Mangal-Kutir

  • Blue-Pearl

  • Agarwal-House

  • Advent-Plaza

  • Advent-Neel Residency

  • Advent-Atria

  • Advent-Palazzo

  • Advent-Spaces

  • Advent-Neel Phase 2

  • Advent-Chataeu

  • Advent-Boutique

  • Advent-Blue

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